My Story

I have always had a love for candles. I had all different kinds, brands and types. I was SO bad, I would sometimes forget and leave candles burning while we were out and felt horrible to return and know I could have burned the whole house down because I FORGOT to put out the candle. My husband would 'ground' me from my candles in fear of me burning the whole place down. :( So then I was introduced to Scentsy at a Superbowl party 2009. The friends house we were at, the wife had started selling it just a month before. I was so interested and thought it was the PERFECT solution to my problem of leaving the candle burning. Because with Scentsy, it is as safe as leaving on a night lite. I got one warmer and a couple bars to try out and see how I liked it and I fell in LOVE with it! Not only was it safer, but also would save me a lot of money over buying the jarred candles I had been buying for years. I had a party and I saw how much everyone loved it as much as I did! I signed up as a consultant in April 2009. I am now a Star Director with Scentsy!  My husband is Active Duty Air Force and we are currently stationed at MacDill AFB in Tampa, FL.  I am also a stay at home mom to my two boys, Blake and Isaac.   <!--endbody-->